1800 Title Loan

1800 Title Loan

1800 Title Loan, Randy and Celia Holding title hostage and asking for more and more money after you pay off your loan. Mission Hills California!!. Paid off the loan with a cashiers check. As soon as I gave her the cashiers check, she said btw we need the ZGPS we instslled in your car back. I told he as they know my car is not drivable, she said no problem we will send someone tomorrow to your house to take it. I asked her to give me something i writing, she said dont worry we do this all the time. You paid off your loan off and will get your title in 10 days. Next day I called she said they want another $300 for the GPS or $300 for someone to come get it. I asked to talk to her boss Randy, he said they need the car driven to their office while he know my car is not drivable. These people are Con artists and will find ways to get more and more money out of you. Avoid 1800 title loan, Randy, Celia. They are nothing but cheap liers.

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