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1st Auto Group

1st Auto Group First Nissan, First Honda, First Kia, 1stnissan.com SOLD ME A VEHICLE FOR 9000.00 OVER MSRP FRAUD CHANGED PRICE ON PAPER WORK Simi Valley California!!. This is the email I received from the finance director requesting even more money from me., and then the threatening part demanding money by check or credit card or they will pick up my car i just bought. I was so upset after having to be with my mother she had a stroke the day after thanksgiving to open an email like that stating they will have to pick up the car i had just purchased. I sent an email stating they can than have their car back i don’t appreciate threats from someone i have never met and that works for a company that i just purchased a 30 thousand dollar car from. I was so sick to my stomach the stress of thinking they are going to take the car while i have to get to the hospital and having 3 children being a single mom this threatening e mail was the breaking point. I stated i am done doing business with this company and I want my car back when i get to their office in Simi valley on 11/28/2018 at 4:00. Hi CHARMAINE I am Vicki Mason, the Finance Director at First Nissan, where you just purchased the new Nissan Rogue from us. Part of the retail contract you signed with us was the agreement of $500.00 cash down. We have not received this from you. I would be happy to take this on a credit card from you, to save the trip to the dealership. As the down payment is required, we must either have the credit card information, or a check immediately. I am sure you are enjoying the beautiful vehicle, and we certainly donu2019t want to have to take it back from you. Please let me know asap how you would like to handle this. Thanks, Vicki MasonFinance DirectorFirst Nissan Attention: Sales department After coming home from Oregon due to my mother having a stroke on the day after thanksgiving. I was and still am in shock for this nasty e-mail Ms Mason whom I have never met sent a letter to take back the vehicle I purchased. I bought my New Nissan Roque from your dealer ship on Black Friday, I was told that I could only have a 30 day delayed payment option and that you would have to order the floor mats for my vehicle . This I had no problem with. I do how ever find the threat from your finance department totally unacceptable and unnecessary. I personally never thought I would come home after spending 30,000 thousand dollars on a vehicle to have someone threaten to take it back ! ( WELL I WILL DELIVER IT TODAY PER YOUR THREATENING REQUEST) Just as she stated I will be bringing your vehicle back this afternoon and I will be picking up my vehicle. Should you believe that I owe you please feel free to contact me via e-mail . As for your advertisements on your website for all the incentives and option for a 90 day 1st pay option as well as the website states your customers satisfaction is number 1 for 1st Nissan. HA and misrepresentation of contract , usuries interest and added fees that don’t exist just to top the bill up as high as possible, such as your so called portfolio fees you charged me twice for . These are items I believe need to be addressed by an attorney because your business practice is dishonest ,and false on all levels. Nobody has the right to threaten another for any reason. Also I received none of the specials that were posted on your website for black Friday. I seriously think someone should read what is advertised on your site before selling a car and sending the hound out to get payment with nasty threats. Your wish to have your vehicle back will be honored today please have my vehicle there and ready I no longer wish to do any business with 1st Nissan ever. This is very sad because I had my Nissan Brand new 2018 and love it but if dealing with a company like this is how its done now at Nissan I AM OUT. Please let me know if 4:00 today is acceptable for the return of your vehicle? I will be picking up my vehicle have it ready. Also what is a retail contract and why does your website state 2.9 interest for new financed cars yet you nailed me with a 4.9 interest rate. (disgusting) and ridiculous fees at every angle we agreed on a 5 year loan I told you I could afford 340.00 yet somehow you talked me into a 475.00 a month payment due on the 7th of January because Brian stated that this is the longest amount of time you give anyone. ANOTHER LIE MAYBE YOU ALL SHOULD SIT DOWN FOR POPCORN AND A MOVIE AND STUDY YOUR OFFERS THAT YOUR COMPANY HAS GOING ON AND THE ONES SPECIFICALLY FOR BLACK FRIDAY genius. HELLO!! If I would have seen 39 thousand dollars was what you put down as the price Ii would have ran the heck out that door faster than Ii have ever ran I still don’t know how you switched it to 72 months that is insane . But you had no problem stealing my car and giving me nothing for it. deceit dishonest shysters and predators is what you all are. Best Regards,

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