401 Dixie Volkswagen

401 Dixie Volkswagen

401 Dixie Volkswagen Salesman My bad experience , Internet!!. It is a pretty long story but every word is worth reading as you will know to what level these scrupulous salesmen would stoop to get a deal. On Oct 03, 2018 I went to buy VW Jetta TDI Comfortline and was greeted by Mr. XXXXXXX (Salesman) who quoted $31,4XX/- as the on the road price. I offered $28K that they openly refused and the salesman asked me to come up with a better offer. I offered $28.5 which they accepted. So, the final price agreement was that I would pay $10,500/- down and the balance $18,000/- would be paid in a monthly installment of $375/-. I was asked to go to the finance manager to complete the financing papers and purchase agreement (PA) signing. The string of discrepancies in the deal started appearing at this stage. 1. My color choices were White or White Gold Metallic. But, the PA showed White or Silver. 2. The Security package worth $595/- was showing ‘Excluded’ (the price negotiation and agreement was based on the inclusion of this security package). I was asked to talk to the salesman to get the two issues resolved. When confronted, the salesman corrected the color and escalated the security package issue to the sales manager Mr. XXXXXX. Instead of acknowledging his mistake the sales manager got defensive and argued that my offer of $28,500/- was too low and he had to remove the security package to make good of the deal. At that point, I asked him why he didn’t say that to me at the time of accepting the offer. I may not have accepted your deal in the first place. His argument was that since the security package was optional and since most customers dont opt for it…he removed it. I said that the package is worth $595/- and is a part of our agreed price. If I had to opt out of it, I would have negotiated at $28,000/- instead of $28,500/-. I told him if you still wanted to exclude the security package worth $595/- then reduce the price of the vehicle by $595/-. At that point, he counter questioned me “would you have complained if I took out the admin fee of $495/-? (what a ridiculous question). The most interesting part of all this is that everything I said above was written down on the salesmans working sheet. Although, the salesman agreed with me that the security package is a part of the deal, he didnt say a word in from of the sales manager. I stood my ground and asked for the refund of my deposit as I didn’t want to deal with these dishonest people. The salesman tried to sweet talk me into sharing the disputed amount of $595/-. I bluntly refused. Why should I pay for their dishonesty. After more sweet talk from the salesman, I agreed to pay $100/- extra to bring my purchase price to $28,600/- which they accepted. The final purchase agreement was made with security package included and the color options corrected to White or White Gold Metallic. When I asked about the details of the car that I am buying, I was told by the salesman that they don’t have the car with them and they will have to locate it at another dealership and bring it in. He promised to give me the car details by Friday. On Friday, I was told that my car was located and they need time to do the paper work. Being the Thanksgiving weekend, the information can only be available following Tuesday i.e. Oct 09, 2012. I started getting suspicious because once the car is located, the papers that the dealers exchange has all the information about the vehicle (VIN number, model, color etc). On, Tuesday Oct 09, 2012, I was told that they could not find my first choice of White color but my second choice of White Gold Metallic was available and the car will arrive at the dealership on Friday Oct 12, 2018 and after PDI the car will be delivered to me on the following Tuesday Oct 15, 2012. Upon asking for the details of the car, I was told that will come only with the car on Friday. I got really upset but held my composure and told the salesman that I need the car detail as soon as possible. I also made sure that he understood that my car was a VW Jetta DTI (Diesel) Comfortline color White Gold Metallic. To which he assured me that this was what is ordered. The salesman took my email address and promised to email me the information as soon as he gets it. I never received the email. I called him on his cell again on Wednesday Oct 10, 2018 to demand the car information. He said it was his day off but he would go to the showroom for me only (as if doing me a favor) to get the information. At about 5.00 pm he called me to say that the sales manager was not in office and his office is locked and my car papers are in his office. I totally lost it by then. I asked him to do anything to get me the info or I am cancelling the deal. After an hour he called me and said that he went to the general manager and asked him to get the papers. With the papers in hand, he proudly announced that my SILVER car is coming on Friday. I was like.. WHAT? Hello, I never asked for SILVER color. To which he said, this is what I see on the paper and if you want to discuss it, you could come to the showroom and see the sales manager. After sending them text messages and email to cancel my deal, I went to the showroom on Thursday Oct 11, 2018 and found out they had ordered SILVER color car and tried to prove that I asked for SILVER (that was a long discussion too). They also had all the information about my car since Tuesday Oct 09 but they withheld this information from me on purpose. I saw the fax they received from Saunders Motors that sent them my SILVER car. At that point, I showed them the Purchase Agreement and they quietly refunded my deposit. My understanding of all this is that it was a deliberate scheme to sell me the SILVER car that I never wanted. Phew.a long story.but, I am upset that they wasted my entire week from (Oct 03rd to Oct 11th). Please ..please..please stay away from them because I know not everyone is as vigilant as I was. You could get duped into buying something that you never want.

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