44 Auto Mart Brian Stratton

44 Auto Mart Brian Stratton

44 Auto Mart / Brian Stratton Had us wait for repairs through extended warranty that should have been done during servicing with promise of a loaner only to lie, and cause us to spend our childrens Christmas money for a rental and not even fix the issue. Shepherdsville Kentucky!!. We purchased a vehicle through 44 Automart in Shepherdsville. During the test drive we noticed the blind spot detection sensors needed servicing. We were told it would be addressed when vehicle was serviced and was given a loaner until they serviced it. When we picked it up we were told the manager thought it was to much to fix, and they asked us to wait 30 days for the warranty to kick in so they could fix it, and profit from the repair instead of paying for it now. We were promised a loaner during repairs. When the time came, they refused to give us a loaner and we had to get a rental. The warranty was suppose to cover half and they offered to cover the other half, however that is far from what transpired. We took it and dropped it off for repair on a Monday with them knowingly agreeing to have it it servicing by next morning. We didn’t hear anything till Thursday that same week, when we were notified they just looked at it, and was taking it to the Chevrolet dealership to be repaired. A week after that we were notified that the warranty wouldn’t cover it, and thus we wouldn’t be reimbursed for the rental fees. We contacted Brian Stratton the manager who said he would talk to the rep and get it taken care of. He not only never got it taken care of, he ignored it and left our truck at dealership without contacting us or them. By this time we had incurred over $1200 in rental fees. They gave us $700 to help some, in which I told him it would help but not solve the issue. I explained why should we have to be out of pocket over $500 dollars because they dropped the ball, lied to us, didn’t honor their promises and left our vehicle sitting for so long. We went and picked it up from dealership ourselves even though they took it there, and was charged $125 just to pick it up, they did add that amount to the partial rental payment, but we were promised they would work on getting it fixed over time in which I waited patiently to happen. I then contacted Brian who gave us his cell phone number and said to contact him anytime, and asked for an update and to be reimbursed for the other $500 we had to spend on rental fees, and still had a broken vehicle. He then went on to threaten me with harassment and police reports because I mentioned I would contact the BBB, and make reviews of our experience. He then told us we aren’t allowed to contact or talk to anyone at 44 again, and to go elsewhere for our warranty. They are our home warranty service center otherwise we have to pay another shop or service center a fee. He tried using our friendship with one of the salesman, saying he would fire him in hopes of us dropping the claims we legitimately had against their business practices. Who does that? In the end I still have a broken vehicle, don’t know where to turn for the warranty work that needs done, and short $500 dollars of my 5 kids Christmas money all because they couldn’t honor their promises, and illegally (although I just found out it was illegal for them to do it) but illegally ask us to wait and let the warranty fix the repairs they knew first hand about and when trying to talk to them Brian is saying asking for the money they caused us to incur and pay because they didn’t honor their loaner agreement is extortion. Laugh out loud. What a company, and if not the company What a manager? How does someone so cruel end up in a position like that where they screw over honest families with fabricated lies and don’t honor their own words. Trust me when I say once you drive off, they are done, they seem sincere until they get your money, then you are just a statistic to their sales board. I recommend staying far away from them, because unless the vehicle you get is in perfect condition they you will get screwed over big time.

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