5 Points Auto Masters

5 Points Auto Masters

5 Points Auto Masters Kelly & Kelly These crooks sold me a lemon, then repossessed it, damaging the car in the process. Fayetteville North Carolina!!. In June of 2013, I bought a 1996 Cadillac Concours from this 5 Points Auto Masters. Even though the Kelly Bluebook value of this car was only $2700.00, these crooks charged me $5000.00 plus my initial down payment of $1500.00. They set me up with this exorbitant so-called “payment plan” of $250.00 per month. Additionally, I had to obtain full coverage insurance for this lemon. The day after I bought this car, the fuel line popped out, leaking my premium gas all over the ground and resulting in me having to put the car in the shop to be fixed; to the tune of $400.00. It was all downhill after that. In February of 2014, I had to have a radiator installed; price, $350.00. In March and April of 2014, I had to have the entire Air Conditioning system replaced; cost, $1000.00. In September of 2014, the car started running terribly and burning gas to the tune of a full tank every three or four days. By November, I had to put it back in the shop again; this time for spark plugs and an intake sensor; cost, $330.00. The car ran fairly well for a week then started running badly again. In December, after noticing the catalytic converter turn “fire red”, I determined that the car needed one; particularly since it quit cranking at all. I decided I would try to have this thing fixed again in January. However, before I could put it in the shop, this 5 Points Auto Masters came to my home and repossessed the car. As they were repossessing it, they ran the car into my front yard fence, breaking my fence and causing extensive damage to the body of the car, which was in mint condition without a knick or a scratch on it and was the primary reason I had agreed to buy this car in the first place. Although I witnessed them doing this, I didn’t really know just how much damage they had truly done until after I had gotten the car back, which was 10 days later. These crooks insisted that I pay a missed payment plus a $300.00 so-called “repossession fee” before they would tell me where the car was even located; even though they knew that the car would not crank before they repossessed it. I am now in the process of retaining legal help in suing these b******s. I would advise anyone who reads this to NEVER do any business with this 5 Points Auto Masters /AKA Kelly & Kelly. They are the SCUM OF THE EARTH!!

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