50 South Auto Repair Center

50 South Auto Repair Center

50 South Auto Repair Center USED CAR DEALER I PAID TO 231.00 TO FIX THE FRONT AXIL THEY DIDNT FIX IT Willow Spring, NC North Carolina!!. This is not about the story I’m getting ready to tell you but I won’t let you know what kind of guy this guy is my car is in the shop and I will get it out of the shop but I paid him $200 and $31 to fix my front axle for which you charge me to tow it I bought the car as is and I knew that that was okay but it was told that there was nothing wrong with the car I had to call for days in the transmission fell out of it which I thought was the transmission wish it was a front axle he was supposed to fix the front axle I got it back I drove by two more days after giving him that $231 and it went out again and he charged me $160 to tow it to him and I just asked him to help I said I will pay for half just you know you I just bought the car from you I don’t have any money cuz I paid him $2,500 for the car and he still charge me so I thought the second time it was a transmission but it was front axle is set at his shop he would not touch it unless I gave him $3,000 to fix it it said there for 4 months I don’t have $3,000 I just giving him $2,500 plus another $231 I was drained so it’s set there for 2 more months I got tired of sitting there and waiting for him to fix it so I had to tow to another guy who fixed it that’s where it’s at now he’s fixed the front axle he said it wasn’t a transmission it does need a transmission cause your transmission is no good so he lied about the car being a good shape but the guy that fix the front axle is charging me $530 I feel that I need to get a refund back since he didn’t fix the front axle I paid him to fix it and it wasn’t fixed now I’m having to pay somebody else $530 when I feed it he’s done me wrong I mean I paid him to fix it and it said there for 4 months he could have fixed my car by then but he wanted $3,000 before he would touch it and you still charge me to tow it $160 that’s all I have to say I’m going to get my car out next week supposedly but you know I just wanted the world to know what kind of person he is HER IS TEH CHECKS FOR THE CAR AND REPEIR.i bought the car in feb have only driven it 3 times..

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