911 Outfitters LLC

911 Outfitters LLC

911 Outfitters LLC Bryon Brown NEVER RECEIVED MY REFUND AND NOW THEY KEEP IGNORING ALL EMAILS AND CALLS FROM MY REP. Muskogee Oklahoma!!. I ordered a custom light bar for $819.17 BACK in MARCH. The owner Bryon Brown said it would take up to 21 days to build, I still don’t have it or my money back.I originally purchased a TRI-BLASTER (TRI-B) FROM 911 OUTFITTERS LLC, FOR $819.17 on MARCH 5, 2014. I spoke with the owner Bryon Brown about the customization. he said it would take up to 21 days to build. After a month, I asked for an update and Bryon said it takes at least 21 days to build. so I waited another month, (by the way my account was already charged 819.17, for order #64)I tried to get ahold of them, and they didnt respont to phone calls or E-mails, when they finally got back to me two weeks later, they told me that calling them 100 times is just taking time away from the techs. They told me if I didnt want to wait they would process a refund, but after investing so much time, I decided to wait another month. Than my order was updated to shipped, when I called to get a tracking number, again no one responded to calls or emails. When I did get a hold of them, they told me that the order had in fact not shipped yet. Now its May and I asked for my money back. When I asked for a refund, they told me okay and that it would take a couple days to hit my account, After a week, there was nothing. I called them back, and again no calls answered or emails sent back. I finally told them, unless I received my money back right away, I was going to seek legal counsel. I received an email within an hour, saying they could no longer talk to me and to refer any other questions to [email protected]. It took them a while to get back to me and they still were not processing my refund. On MAY 29, 2014, they said they were going to process my refund again, but claimed PayPal declined the refund. so I called PayPal and opened up a case, they told me they never decline refunds, but the case got closed because I ordered the item more than 60 days ago. I again contacted Bryon Brown numerous times about issuing my refund, because going through PAYPAL AND BILL ME LATER WITH NO REFUND was getting me no where. I last contacted him via E-mail on JULY 15, 2014, when he again told me that PayPay delined the refund, even though I know it is not true. Now for the last 8 days my representative has been trying to call and E-mail THE 911 OUTFITTERS LLC owner and their “LEGAL” team, but he has not been able to get ahold of anyone for over a week.

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