A-1 Parts Stop

A-1 Parts Stop

A-1 Parts Stop Registered Agent: Jacqueline A. LoweryOwner: Chris Nasrallah aka Chris Sanchez Unscrupulous CROOKS! Dallas Texas!!. February 12, 2015, I called A-1 Parts Stop and spoke with Chris Nasrallah regarding replacing the engine on my daughter’s 2007 Hyundai Sonata. I was quoted $2500 and specifically asked if it included parts, labor, and tax and was told by Mr. Nasrallah that it did. I was told it would take about ten days to complete the work. On February 14th we had the car towed to the shop at 5900 W. Davis Street. I paid $1000 as a down payment. The check was cashed on February 18th. After TWO MONTHS of going back and forth about the status of the car, I was informed it was ready to pick up on April 16th. I was told to ONLY bring cash to pay the balance. My daughter picked up the car and was billed an additional %237.38 for “miscellaneous charges”. She asked for documentation on the new engine and was it was “good” and only had $38,000 miles on it (which is what I was told they had in stock when I originally called). However, they never gave her documentation on the engine. The car broke down within 2 miles of the shop. Mr. Nasrallah sent a flatbed trailer to pick up the car and when it got there the driver tried to drive the car onto the flatbed, burning up the transmission. We were told the car broke down because of a poorly sealed transmission line. We were later told that her original transmission line was “rotted” and that’s why it failed. The car was eventually towed and we were told the transmission line was replaced. I was told the next day that the car was ready to pick up. The car was driven 73 miles when the check engine light came on (we were on the way home and had not made it there yet). The car was driven to O’Reilly’s where it was tested and we were told that the transmission had failed. It was also discovered that the car had no coolant, no freon in the AC, no windshield wiper fluid. The passenger side taillight was broken and the full-size spare tire had been removed (stolen). We contacted A-1 Parts Stop and I was told the engine was good and only had 48,000 miles on it. (This is different from what I was originally told and what my daughter was told when she picked up the car.) I was told the transmission was “not his problem”. I asked for the VIN number on the engine and was given a FAKE VIN number. I was told not to contact the shop again and to only communicate through his attorney. The car was taken to a local transmission shop on April 23rd and was ready by April 29th. The new mechanic found the VIN number which traced back to a salvaged vehicle with 92,944 miles on it. The ID number the dealer puts on their transmission could not be found (meaning this was not the original transmission). The mechanic believes that the transmission was switched out when the engine was replaced. We attempted to settle this out of court having our attorney contact “Slick” (Mr. Nasrallah’s attorney” but there was no response. We were told to go ahead and file in small claims court but by this time we were out about $4000 and didn’t have the money to file. We were told it wouldn’t matter anyway… because the “company” was being sued by MANY people and no one was able to collect even when they were awarded a judgment. Mr. Nasrallah lives in a VERY nice house, has a beautiful wife and two beautiful children who appear to have the finest things in life. (Public photos on his Facebook page.) All at the expense of the young girls and elderly people he’s ripping off. It was interesting to find that his father owned a salvage yard that was being investigated by the FBI and in fact there were criminal charges against him and his company was supposed to be shut down (but at that time was not). crimeblog.dallasnews.com/2012/04/contractor-fbi-investigating-d.html/ www.dallasnews.com/news/metro/20150111-dallas-auto-salvage-mans-vehicle-theft-case-mired-in-inexplicable-delays.ece We were unable to recover any of the damages in this situation. A little backstory… the car in question was given to our daughter by her father who passed away. The car has sentimental value which is why we opted to fix it rather than just get her a new one. She is STILL paying on the loan we had to take out to get the car running again (paying for an engine was WAY more miles on it than we were told it would have, to replace the transmission he swapped out, to replace the spare tire he stole, to fix the taillight that was broken at his shop, etc.). This man does not care about ANYONE but himself. So I hope you are smarter than we were… that you research this shop and this man… and that you just don’t do business there.

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