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A.B.C. Ambato Boxers Complaint

A.B.C Ambato Boxer 32573 FEEDER ROAD West. WAINFLEET, ON. LOS 1VO. phone: [protected] [protected]@live.com www.facebook.com/ABC-Ambato-Boxers-336542046384212 A.B.C Ambato Boxers is a kennel in Wainfleet that is NOT permanently registered with the C.K.C. It is run by a woman name Sophia and her two daughter Natalie and Michelle. As members of the CKC, they are also breeding and selling rescue dogs and selling them on kijji: Yorkie/ Poodle/Boston Terrier Mixes. This is against the CKC by-laws and is prohibited. The Yorkie mix (pictured) is a rescue dog that is blind in one eye due to an eye injury. This breeder rescued the Yorkie mix from a puppy mill and has been breeding the blind dog back to back on every heat cycle . In a year and a half she has had three litters (10 puppies). A.B.C. Ambato Boxers does not vet-check the puppies she sells nor does she health test her breeding stock .I purchased my dog in 2013. The puppy had live worms coming out of both ends. Despite several emails, I still am not in receipt of the CKC registration. One of my dogs were killed in her care. The other one returned home infested with fleas and a fungus growth on her ear. See Boxer Forum below to see others with similar experiences: www.boxerforums.com/general-boxer-forum/76682-ambato-boxers.html Best description of the place below from another visitor to A.B.C Ambato Boxers: “Ambato Boxers is a not a breeder you want to buy your boxer puppy from. We went to Ambato boxers to look at a litter and I cannot express how disgusted I was. First of all when we drove to the property, I thought I had the wrong address and wanted to leave immediately. The property was filled with junk..broken chairs, stuffed animals and mannequins clothed and unclothed loitered the lawn. They have 20+ boxer dogs that are kept outside in caged sheds for breeding. The area where the keep the dogs was overflowing with feces. Junk furniture was also apparent in their dog pens and sheds. When we went into the house to look at the puppies, they were brought out in a blanket, all tattered, torn and wet. The home smelt terrible and their were other animals everywhere…parrot, boston terriers. The house was not clean and the breeder was extremely unprofessional. I would not recommend a puppy from this breeder. After reading other reviews you will find many others that have written bad reviews about Ambato boxers as well. Please research your breeder and make sure you ask all the right questions.” Complaints dates back to 2010. Sorry to report not much has changed, BUYER BEWARE***Do your homework****

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