A Car 4 U

A Car 4 U

A Car 4 U Horrible experience. Mechanical nightmare. toms river New Jersey!!. This is one of my orst experiences car shopping ever. I purchased a vehicle close to a month ago. Regardless to say the dealer has had me running 45 minutes at a time back and forth on numerous occasions for mechanical issues. First, someone can not afford to be missing an hr and a half of work on a handful of occasions for vehicle repairs that should of been been done before the car was sold. Now the latest issue is they have had the car for almost 14 days now. Needles to say I brought the car to them with temp plates on it…they have expired. By the time I am able to pick up the car again it will be past the point of being able to legally drive the car on the transferred registartion without a new sticker. THis is quite ridicilous if oyu have to ask me. No customer should have to be without a vehicle for more than 75% of the first 45 days in ownership. PLus, if you complaing about the ez pass tolls to drive back and forth, or the gas you spent all they will tell you is that they didn’t charge you for anything. True point, however if you actually reconditioned your vehicles before selling them propely and did not use a monkey next door as a mechanic than maybe, just maybe your customers would be in a much better situation.

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