A M Food Mart

A M Food Mart

A M Food Mart Independent Valero Station 1602 S. Hwy 6, Houston, TX 77077 defective fuel pumps that do not dispense the correct amount of product Houston Texas!!. 8/3/14: I usually avoid the place because of the deceitful advertising. Today I needed a couple of gallons of diesel and took a gas can and since they are the closest place with diesel I decided to go there. Bad plan. I paid $8.00 cash so I got the best price per gallon. When I pumped the diesel into my jug and it quit – the pump readout said 2.139 gallons and $8.00. The actual amount of fuel in the jug is right at 1 gallon. I got less than $4.00 of diesel for $8.00. Seriously!As I pumped the fuel I could hear air/vapor being pumped through the hose and into my fuel jug. This is the oldest trick in the retail gas business. I used to sell retail fuel and know that some unscrupulous retailers use this trick to “enhance” profit. There is a fuel vapor hose inside the pump housing. It should be plumbed to recirculate the fuel vapors back into the underground tank, but it can be plumbed to send the vapors through the nozzle. My suspicion is that since few people buy diesel in a jug – he thought no one would ever know. If you were filling a vehicle – you probably wouldn’t. I have the jug with what I bought and the receipt and have called the Texas Dept. of Agriculture. Probably need to call the AG too. Repeated attempts to resolve the issue with the owner were unsuccessful – until I called the Texas Dept. of Agriculture and Valero home office. This is not a Valero Corner Store – it is an independent selling Valero gas and fuel product. DO NOT STOP AND BUY FUEL HERE – IT IS A RIP. UPDATE 8/6/14: All of a sudden the owner decided to call me and resolve the issue – after he was contacted by Valero and the State. The diesel shortage I am harping on must be true because today when I went to get my $3.73 refund (an amount equal to 1 gallon of diesel) all 8 of the diesel dispensing pumps have been red tagged by the TDA. He cannot sell diesel at this time. Both the clerk and the owner stated that I complained too much and they are catching hell from corporate and the state and losing revenue because of it. There was no “Thank you for alerting us to a problem so that we can give our loyal customers what they deserve and pay for”. My actions actually diminished his profit margin and hopefully saved some people from getting ripped off.I am sure there will be fees and fines from the TDA. Good. I got my refund and left, but not before I took these photos:Don’t go to this place to buy fuel. They have a history of shorting their customers.I took a proactive stance and hope I made a small difference. Smokinguntoo

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