A plus Auto Center

A plus Auto Center

A plus Auto Center Fraud Colton California!!. On June 4 2019 I purchased a 2000 mercedes benz C230 from this place. i was told it was their best car on the lot. There was no stereo I was told they would send me to a audio place and have one installed. The price of the ar was supposed to be $3750 But they tacked on a additional $1000 cause i was financing it. By the time i left the lot the total price for the car was $5448. I had to drive down 2 days later to have the stereo installed, BUT i was forced to upgrade the system cause they were going to put in a extremely cheap system that had no blue tooth or AUX . 1week later the car starts giving me problems, the remote was acting up and they only gave me 1 key. Sometimes the car would start sometimes it did not. So i was forced to go to the Mercedes dealer and see what was wrong, the service guy said it was the battereys so I paid $20 for 2 3 volt batterys. . I was hoping that was going to fix the problem. I was also told it might be smart if i got a 2nd FOB just in case something like this happens. Price for a new key programmed is $500. I drove the car to utah for the weekend and the car started acting up again. I called Kyle and explaned to him the prob he was like i told you to go see my locksmith. I told him the key has to be made at a Mercedes dealership cause it has to be programed to the car, he hung up on me. Now I still owed them $500 for a deposit , so i paid them my deposit plus my payment. On July 4th i went to watch the fireworks after work and the car started to act up again. July 13th I took my senior father out for his bday we went to start the car the steering wheel locked up and the ignition would not turn on. I had to call AAA to have them tow the car home. Today on July 16th i went to see if the car woould turn on, the key would not turn nothing, so that toss dme into a panic cause i had places to be this week and i was due to go on vacation for a few days . I took my dads car and went and bought new batteries for the FOB put those in and NOTHING. does not turn on, the locks will not work period. This dealership is a crook, i even called kyle and told him what was going on with the car on the 13th and he complained cause he just paid for the tags and reg and it cost him $600, not my fault the tags were expired and you had to pay a penalty. Now I DO NOT have a car and I am out $1703 for this car. It sucks gas , the oil light came on so it seems they did not change the oil or reset it. This dealer needs to be taken to court and be shut down for the junk cars they sell. Only reason i went to this type of place I was in the middle of a CH7 and my car was just totaled in a accident ( not my fault) so i needed a car asap.. i want my money back i will not deal with crooks like this again and I am a single mom.

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