A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas

A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas

We are a couple from the UK who like many wanted to tie the knot in Las Vegas. After hours of searching and much research on the internet we decided to use this chapel. 1 of the main reasons for using the chapel was the pink cadillac which we could use. My father passed away in 2007 and the pink cadillac was always a car he always wanted so this is our way of having my father at our wedding. | After many messages back and fore the chapel we opted fot the stunning package which included limo to and from hotel. We also paid for tux hire and wedding dress hire after being assured that they had loads to choose from in a wide range of styles and sizes. As far as we were concerned we had put everything we needed into the package and were not made aware of any other costs apart from gratuities for the minister and photographer. | The stunning package as advertised included limo to and from chapel but was told that to have the pink cadillac was an extra $150 which we never argued about or minded paying because this was really important to us. | The day before the wedding we were booked in to have dress and tux fitting at the chapel. This proved very stressful and very upsetting. The tux i was provided with was nothing more than old and dirty and creased and was told that they had no dickie bows to go with the tux. The dress my partner actually liked was damaged on the front which we might have got away with but when the zip at the back was done up there was a huge gap where it had come away from the dress. We were told by the chapel that they would put a clamp at the back of the dress to keep it together which really upset my partner as the last thing she wanted was to walk around with a clamp at the back of her dress. We were then told that they would put the dress in for repair but couldnt guarantee they would have it back in time for the wedding. My partner by this time was in tears, she had looked at all the other dresses they had and they were nothing short of old, dirty or damaged. After a few hours i told the chapel that we would go somewhere else for the hire of tux and dress. We found a shop across the road who had us both sorted from head to toe within the hour and we both couldnt have been any happier with the hire shop. | The day of the wedding came and the chapel contacted us to let us know that the pink cadillac had no air conditioning, we couldnt believe they waited till the actual day to tell us but we didnt mind as we really wanted this car. The wedding was 5pm and were told to be ready at 4pm for the car to pick us up. We were both ready by 4 and i was in the lobby looking out for the car and my partner was in our room waiting for me phone her to come down. 4.40 and we were both trying to contact the chapel to find out where the car was. He picked us up at 4.45 with no apology or excuse for being late. | We arrived at the chapel and we had to sort all the paperwork out 1st, we were asked if we wanted to buy candles for the ceremony, we were asked if we wanted to upgrade champagne glasses for extra. we were asked if we wanted the chapel to sort the apostile for extra again. After i told her that the marriage license was recognised in the uk without the need of an apostile she didnt seem interested. The time now is 5.15 and our ceremony was supposed to start at 5pm. We were concerned as there was family waiting to watch us via webcam and with the time difference it was 1am but yet again there was no excuses or apologies. | The ceremony itself was just perfect and we couldnt have asked for anything better but the 1 thing that spoilt it was we didnt even leave the chapel before the minister was passing me an envelope to stick his gratuity in. The photographer was ok but yet again couldnt wait to pass me his envelope for his gratuity. We also asked him 3 times to take photos of us by the pink cadillac before he actually acknowledged us and took them. | After everything was done i went to the front desk to sort all paperwork out and to pay whatever was outstanding. We also made an appointment for the following day to view the photos. | The following day we returned and was led into a dark room with a big screen, we were shown a beautiful slideshow of our photos accompanied by music. We both thought this was just perfect until after it had finished and was told that we had to purchase it for yes you guessed it extra cash. We were shown all the pictures individually apart from the ceremony ones. We were then told that the ceremony pictures was the only photos we get with the package and if we wanted the rest including the pictures taken with the pink cadillac we would have to pay extra for. If we wanted all the pictures with the slide show they wanted to charge us $575 which we both thought outrageous. | After returning to our hotel angry and dissapointed i looked at the bill, we had been charged for tux hire which i never had. After many emails the only way i could get any kind of response from them was by threatening to file a report against them, eventually they refunded the cost of the tux hire. I have been emailing them also about the fact that we actually paid extra to have the pink cadillac but feel it outrageous that they want to charge us extra again for the pictures with the car. To these emails we have received no response from them. | Right from the time we walked into the chapel for the 1st time we were made to feel as just another couple to extract as much cash from, there was no personal touch, no caring, we wernt even offered some water after seeing how hot and bothered we both were. Everything was about money with them and really did spoil what was supposed to be 1 of the happiest days of our lives. At no time on the run up to the wedding ceremony were we told about extra costs for pictures and really feeled ripped off especially after paying extra for the car we wanted.

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