A Wizard Auto Glass

A Wizard Auto Glass

A Wizard Auto Glass A Wiz Auto Glass Destroyed of Motor Coach and Windshield LEAKS Enfield Connecticut!!. Our insurance company refered us to this auto glass replacement facility for our damaged windshield on our Class A Motor Coach and after months of calls and rescheduling on their part, (they will claim it was ours), they finally had us drop the coach off at their facility located in Enfield, Connecticut. We dropped the unit on Tuesday October 28th and were assured it would be ready the following day. After daily phone calls and 3 visits to the shop (no one was there and a hand written sign in window every visit) we finally were assured it would be completed on Saturday November 1st. We attempted multiple calls on Saturday the 1st and finally heard back from the facility via a cell phone at 4:00pm and were told we could pick the unit up on Sunday the 2nd or wait until someone was in office on Monday the 3rd. We waited until after 4:00 pm on Sunday the 2nd to allow the adheasive time to dry (as requested by the facility) and procedded to the location to pick up the unit. Upon arrival we found the unit parked exactly where we left it the following Tuesday and the new windshield had been installed. It should be noted that the unit had not been moved as there was no change in the recorded mileage from when we dropped it off. There was black adheasive glue on both the custom curtains and the carpeting, the seal around the windshield appears to be out of line with the previous factory one, the windshield is leaking and the job is just totally unacceptable to our standards. It should be noted that the weather in Enfield on the day that the windshield was installed was under 42 degrees with moderate to heavy rain in the area for the entire day. We delivered the coach to the repair shop as they explained it took 3 technicians to install this unit and having it at their facility ensured it would be done under controlled environment and less hassle in the event of difficulties or weather concerns. This facilty does not have a space large enough to install this windshield indoors, they definatley didn’t take it indoors at a remote location (as is evident by the unchanged odometer). We explained multiple times that we needed the project completed in order to get the unit back to have it winterized before the freezing temps hit the area and they still gave us the run around from start to finish. I contacted the cell number that was called from Saturday the 1st to inform us we could pick up the unit and have not heard back from the shop. They still have our keys that we left in their mailbox when we dropped the unit off last week and we have yet to meet anyone from this company face to face since we began dealing with them. We have contacted our insurance carrier and are waiting to hear back from them this morning with how we are to proceed with this issue. We have priced the curtains at various on line dealers and just 2 panels that we definatley need to have replaced are over $600.00 and will not match the rest of the window treatments in the coach. The carpeting is molded and custom to the coach and can not be cleaned as the adheasive is permanent. We will be contacting the local dealer with regards to what can be done for the carpeting issue.

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