A Z Remodeling & Plumbing Inc

A Z Remodeling & Plumbing Inc

Worst thing they done to me in the 10 years i had them — but they are good people — i called az and got an answering service who said i would be contacted — by monday hear nothing from them so i called them — got an appointment that day — so far so good — during the weekend i had to do something to keep water on in my house so i took some elec tale and raped it around the pipe on the valve and put a hose clamp on it — it worked — so i had water till the so called plumber came out — he showed up while i was a work — my daughter showed him the problem and he asked her who patched the pipe — she told him me — he said he denied my claim because — i BROKE IT by trying to fix it — he didnt even look to see what i did — he didnt want the job because it was in a tight space — just so you know im a 60 year old 250 lb – 5′ 10” shipyard worker — if i can get my big paws in there he could — but people just dont have any WANT TO anymore — so he asked for the check — my daughter gave it to him and off he went — my wife said he was there 5 min. — asked friends in the shipyard about a z plumbing — they all told me they are the worst — now i know and asked my ins company to put a note in my file nerver SEND a z plumbing OUT TO MY HOUSE AGAIN — THEY SAID THEY WONT — sorry for the rant but they are terrible stay far far away from them

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