A1 Alberta Transmission

A1 Alberta Transmission

A1 Alberta Transmission What A Joke This Place Is Calgary Alberta!!. Took my son’s 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 to A1 Alberta Transmission when it was shifting oddly. Randy told me it required a new shift solenoid that would cost $450 . I agreed and had him install it. While he had the truck he said he would need to road test it and was going to drive it home that night . The next day I was told the truck was ready to go. We picked it up, paid the bill, and noticed the truck was down half a tank of gas. Some road test! 4 days later the problem was back. Randy said to bring it back for a second look. 5 days later he informs me the shift solenoid needs to be replaced again.They replaced it under warranty and we were told if it happened again they would not cover it under warranty because of the large amount of filings in the transmission and next time it would be $650 plus the cost of a rebuild because of a new updated shift solenoid price increase. Sure enough, 2 weeks later the problem returned . This time it was repaired properly at another shop. To top it off, a couple weeks later we received a parking ticket in the mail with the offence address being A1’s street. When I called Randy to ask if he knew about this he said yes he got the ticket parking the truck in the wrong spot but that he had taken care of it in the price of the repairs. How is this guy still in business?

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