A1 Phil's Towing Inc.

A1 Phil's Towing Inc.

A1 Phil’s Towing Inc. DIV. OF 2423965 ONTARIO INC.HST Number: 806813176RT0001 A1 Phil’s Towing FRAUD SCAM – Oakville | Burlington Ontario Canada. Towing Authorized Vehicles. Takes Car Ransom and Only Released The Car When The Police Showed Up. Burlington Ontario!!. A1 Phil’s Towing Inc. is Scamming and Intimidating via Verbal Abuse, Muscle out Car Owners at the Parking Location in Oakville and Burlington. A1 Phil’s Towing Oakville and Burling Scam – BEWARE!! OF THIS TOWING COMPANY – They have a history of criminal activities related to customer manhandling, abuse, verbal abuse, drug trafficking, drink and drive. DO NOT PAY THEM ANYTHING! – CALL 911 if you see a board that says Phil’s Towing instead of dealing with them. Their Car Yards are Located in NO MAN’s Land and they can do anything with you there. BEWARE!! DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR CREDIT CARD OR USE THEIR CREDIT CARD MACHINE. A1 PHIL’s TOWING INC. HAS A TRACK RECORD OF IDENTITY THEFT AND USING YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ILLEGALLY. — WARNING FOR PEOPLE IN OAKVILLE AND BURLINGTON This company is operating under a numbered company 2423965 Ontario Inc. and keeps on changing its name from A1 Phil’s Towing to Phil’s Towing and employs on road druck drivers who are high on weed and alcohol. Our car was towed within 15 mins of parking on an authorized spot even though the limit for customer parking was mentioned to be 2 hrs. When requesting the access to our car from their yard, the guy used verbal abuse the “F” word thousand times and pushed me and my wife away. This made me call the police and things were then sorted out. Phil’s Towing Oakville – The Guy also made a bill for $750 which is way more than any towing company in the whole Toronto – GTA. This company is a big scam and the irony is that Oakville Police authorize such towing companies. We are hurt emotionally for going through this tragic situation where someone tried to manhandle us just because we asked him for a reason for towing. This company is operating illagally and is helding car ransom in order to release. When the cops arrived, they told us that this company and the truck drivers have been reported in criminal activities before and have a long history. This company is operated by 4 trucks and drivers. This company was extremely disrespectful to us involved by cursing at for no reason and scammed my friend out of a lot of money. A1 Phil’s Towing Inc. Oakville SCAM ALERT!

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