[email protected] Led Along, Price Changing, Attempted Credit Card Fraud Hamilton New Jersey!!. A4autoparts.com is listed as an auto parts locator in a Google Search. I filled out the information within their web site in search of a gas tank for my truck. I received an email indicating that they had this part and needed me to call there and provide more info. After the representative, Travis, asked all the specs I had previously provided in the request form on line, he stated he had the part and quoted $175. He then asked for my credit card info. I said I had more questions first. I first asked how this charge would appear on my credit card statement so I would recognize it when I received my statement. He was extremely evasive and would not answer the question. I asked where the part was located, and instead of answering, he said not to worry about that, that the shipping was included in the price. I then asked how I could be sure this was the correct part, as I had already received the wrong part and had to return it from another vendor. He said he could send a picture of the tank to my email address, but he needed my credit card info first. I responded saying if he sent the picture and it is a match, I will order the tank today. He reacted by telling me to visit their web site if I had any question about their reputation. I said I would and I would contact them after. Visiting the site, I noted within their return policy, that all returns must first be approved by them, return shipping cost was the buyer’s responsibility and the order was subject to a 25% restock/handling fee. I emailed them and stated in light of their return policy, I was emphatic I must have the pictures before I would place the order. I received an email back on a Friday that the pictures could not be sent until the following Monday as they were closed for the weekend. I sent an email mid morning Monday restating that I was awaiting the pictures but after three more hours passed, I telephoned. Speaking to another representative, I asked for Travis by name but he was reportedly busy on the phone. I re explained about the pictures I was waiting for and the rep put me on hold. when he came back on the line, he informed me that the cost of the part originally quoted was incorrect. It was now to be $250 and he asked if I still wanted it. I said yes, but I still want the pictures before I order it. He said he would pass that along. i had not heard from a4autoparts, Travis White or any one from there since that. I am grateful I had the awareness and exercised the caution NOT to submit my credit card info to this company as I strongly feel they are scamming or at the very least, using disreputable business practice with price jacking and credit card fraud.

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