AA AUTOSHOP JASON AUNGENETT YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO DEAL WITH THEM NORTH LAS VEGAS , Nevada!!. I am a single mother of 4 and had just moved to Las Vegas from California. So I don’t know where I could take my Mercedes Benz to be repaired. Since I am new to the area of North Las Vegas I googled a lot of places that does Mercedes, because I can’t afford to have it fixed in a Service center. Anyway, I took it to AA autocare by Camino Al Norte in North Las Vegas because they are close and my car could only drive 10 miles per hour. That’s the reason I am taking it. The check engine light went on and the gear won’t shift, it’s stuck on first gear I think. Anyway, Jason, AA autocare’s manager diagnosed it and told me it’s the converter plate and quoted me $1037 to do the job with transmission gasket and filter and flushing. So since I wasn’t ready yet I just paid for the diagnostics. When I did have the money, I went back to their shop and had it repaired that was a Saturday 2pm. By 4pm they called that the car was ready. So I picked it up and drove it around then guess what? the check engine light went back on and it still has the same problem. So I went back and told Jason about it but since they were closing he told me to bring it back Monday. So Monday I went back and dropped off my car. Around 3pm he called me to say that they were going to tow it to Fletcher Jones Mercedes Service Center because of the warranty of the part that they installed was a defective part. Tuesday, I called if my car was done, and Jason wasn’t there so Greg the assistant manager told me they were going to schedule my car to be towed.But Jason told me they had it towed to Fletcher Jones on Monday. meanwhile, I am missing out on school because I don’t have a car to use. And since I’m new in town I don’t know how to take the bus. Wednesday, I’ve been bugging them and to the point I went at their shop to just flip out on them. Told them I was going to the police and all. So they calmed me down and told me my car will be done the next day. Thursday came and they called and told me they are going to pick me up and take me to Fletcher Jones because my car is done. When I got there, they ditched me there just to find out my car wasn’t drivable. That I have to tow it. So I was in shock and called him to ask him why they ditched me, aware that I couldn’t drive it and how am I going home? It’s like 30 miles from my place. And now that they didn’t even fix it, they wouldn’t even give me back my money. I just can’t believe that they could do this to another human being knowing the situation I am in. I mean they know I’m a single mom, No job, had just moved to Vegas and trying to settle in, you would think they would consider that but instead they take advantage of the situation. I asked to speak with the owner to settle this but Jason said he wasn’t available. I even told them I am going to ABC 13 NEWS about their wicked rip-off racket they are pulling and he told me CHANNEL 13 news can’t do anything about it. this kind of business especially in the auto repair industry should be closed down so consumers can be protected..

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