A&A Enterprise

A&A Enterprise

This company was hired to cut our grass and maintain our landscaping and we always paid on time. Although I paid for service for the entire month of August (four cuttings and landscaping maintenance), they only showed up one time to cut the grass and didn’t do any landscape maintenance. Every time I called to find out why no one showed up to cut the grass, I was given the excuse that the rain was to blame and that someone would be there tomorrow. No one ever came back to cut our grass, and when I called to ask for a refund of $95, which is what I was owed for services not rendered, I was told the check would go out the following week. Needless to say I never received the check. If I had Googled this company and the owners before I hired them, I never would have done so. So, buyer beware – do your homework before you hire this company. The owners are less than honorable.

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