AAA and B Test Only Center

AAA and B Test Only Center

AAA and B Test Only Center Leisure World Union 76 DO NOT GET SMOG OR ANY OTHER SERVICES FROM HERE!! Seal Beach, California!!. I am complaining about three issues. One, I called and was quoted a different price then I was charged. Two, there was no sign posted stating the “supposed” price. Three, I was not given a copy of my certificate. My vehicle needed to be smogged and found a $20 coupon online for AAA and B. On Saturday 11/10 I called to check the price and the time they were open till. I was told $49.95 (plus certificate) but they would be closing shortly. I finally came in on Friday 11/16 because that was the next time I had available. I dropped the vehicle off and the service tech said it would be about 30 minutes. I walked to the store and returned when finished. The tech told me the cashier had the paperwork and closed up as I was the last vehicle. When I went to pay the cashier said it was going to be $58.20. I asked if he discounted for the coupon and he said yes. He said the original price is $69.95+cert. I told him the person I spoke to days earlier quoted a different price. We went back and forth to no avail and with several people behind me I paid and left. As I drove off I realized I did not get my copy of thecertificate. When I got home I called but the station was closed. I went back today, 11/19, and spoke to the tech and he just gave excuses as to why he could not give a copy at this point. Luckily, I did pass and was able to get my tags but by law they are suppose to give me a copy. I also looked around and saw no sign in plain view stating price which is a violation. Although, I would like my $20 returned for being misquoted (I would not have gone there had I been told the $69 price as most others in the area are well below that) I am more concerned with them not properly following stated laws. Even more so, they are located in an area with a large amount of seniors and I hope they are not being taken advantage of. I filed a complaint with BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) so hopefully something more comes of this.

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