AAA Anytime, Inc.

AAA Anytime, Inc.

AAA Anytime, Inc. Horrible Company Las Vegas Nevada!!. I strongly suggest that you look to another company to deal with. My car was to be picked up on Feb 20th in California (which it was) and dropped off at it’s location in Kansas on Feb. 24th (which it wasn’t). On day of supposed delivery I called to get approximate time. I was then told by the EXTREMELY RUDE Peter of AAA Anytime that the truck had never left Los Angeles. Evidently the truck had broken down and the driver never notified AAA Anytime or me for that matter. I understand not their fault, but Peter’s lack of professionalism, customer service and empathy (which is key in customer service) was non-existent. I also dealt with a young woman who I will say was very polite. When I asked Peter what they were going to do, I was told–NOTHING–it was out of their control. Once the car was picked up it was no longer their problem (his exact words). So I said to him, I pay you to deliver my car, you hire a truck out and if something goes wrong you do nothing to oversee the car getting delivered. He said correct. My problem was with the driver, not them. When I asked for a credit of some type I was told by Peter to take it up with the driver. When I had asked to speak with a manager, Peter again rudely told me that there was nobody above him to speak with. Whenever I tried to talk, he talked/yelled over me. At one point I was speaking and he cut me off and said anything else you need. The young woman I spoke with did give me the name of the owner of the company, Paul Everich. I was told to send and e-mail to the address that sent me my documents and that someone would respond to my e-mail in 24 hours—that was February 25, 2018 and as of this writing on March 2, 2015, have not heard one word. I’m sorry, AAA Anytime should know that Peter does not represent their company well and if they accept his service, then shame on them. If sending an e-mail to the owner regarding a complaint goes unanswered, then again shame on them. They DON’T deserve your business!!! So over next couple of days I had to deal with trucking company who AAA Anytime contracted to pick up my car—was given the run around about how truck was broken down—yada yada yada–not my problem. AAA Anytime should have worked with company they contracted to find a way to get my car to me. Finally on Sunday, March 1 car was delivered–but not before I threatened to call police and report my car stolen as I didn’t have car.Never do business with them—they will neither help you with delivery or give you any type of compensation for the hassle–they could have easily gave me a credit of the fee that was paid to them for my troubles but no. Not their problem according to Peter.One more thing, before you flag my review as not having been your customer and to take it down, I will NOT take it down and I have the paperwork and credit card charge to prove that I WAS and NEVER again will be your customer NOR WILL I EVER RECOMMEND YOUR COMPANY!!

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