AAA Arizona

AAA Arizona

AAA Arizona unprofessional, incompetent, irresponsible,careless thieves, facists who refuse repairs and tell you what you are allowed, tucson, Arizona!!. I have a AAA membership which I now regret having paid for. This is a company who takes your money and then acts as a fascist organization telling you what you are allowed. No customer service here! I was denied taking care of a dead battery by 2 agents who told me my plan is cancelled. When I asked why they said my services were used up. I inquired when and I was told they didnt have that information and they would file for that information but it would take about 8 days! I requested a supervisor and after 20 minutes of hold time on my cell phone I was promised a call back. It is now 3 hours later and I havent heard from anyone. I have called several departments who then send me back to the department I just spoke with. When I called AZ customer service I was transferred to California customer service who then sent me back to AZ customer service. When I got AZ customer service I got a smart a*s who knew the answers to my questions but would not give them to me. He also informed me that if it was a AAA battery, which it was I could have had a road side service. At 7:15 pm he wanted me to go back to the car which is now miles away and check the battery certificate for him and then he would see what he could do?? I have now been transferred through at least 5 departments and no ones concerned I still do not have road side service and my battery is dead. It is the winter time it is cold. Last times I used them I had to wait over 2 hours for a locksmith at a camp ground because I could not tell them an exact location of the campground, I mean mile marker exact. When the locksmith arrived he was amazed to hear something so stupid had happened but acknowledged it wasnt the first time this happened. Another time I called for service and didnt receive it because it was night time. This is after I have not used AAA for years because the previous experience I had with a former policy. the locksmith broke my ignition and AAA Arizona said they would not reimburse me . I had a classic car so it took over 3 weeks to locate the part and have it installed .During that time I got to walk and had no access to my car. I did manage to get to management of AAA who responded by cancelling my policy and not reimbursing me for the policy or the damage done to my car by their locksmith. AAA also let us stay on the side on the side of the road in the middle of the summer heat for hours after 4 hours a state trooper helped us. Or how about the time that on they arrived so late the tire was already half changed in the July heat . It is now 3hours and 50 minutes of trying to get help.I still have no assistance and have called a friend to come out and help me in the morning. That took 10 minutes of planning and you can bet I will get assistance and I do not have to pay the friend. This is the kind of company who has such strict regulations on its workers as to what they are allowed or not allowed that they do not have common sense. Any company who doesnt want to allow you to contact them with whats wrong with their organization is wrong. Wave goodbye to AAA and find your own way. I have composed this posting while being put on hold to get help. It is my mistake for ever giving them a second chance. DO NOT GIVE AAA ARIZONA ANY CHANCE, THEY TAKE YOURT MONEY AND RUN AND WILL NOT HELP YOU TO GET THE SERVICES YOU CONTRACRTED FOR After 1hour 35 minutes of being on hold on the telephone line , The emergency road side services team lead tells me it will be 3- 5 business days for member relations team to review and get back to me, and please wait she will escalate the call, who knows when I will get help??? I have been dealing with current issue 3 hours. As of this writing I have received no assistance with my vehicles. Before you buy AAA consider is this how you want your emergencies to be handled ?

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