AAA Brokers Group, Inc.

AAA Brokers Group, Inc.

AAA Brokers Group, Inc. owner/manager Alexandr (sic) Andreev Mr. Andreev refuses to pay for a service he received. Wilmington Delaware!!. At the request of AAA Brokers Group, Inc. owner/manager Alexandr Andreev, I agreed to transport a 2019 Toyota Camry from Okeechobee, Florida to Bayonne, New Jersey. I was to be paid $300.00 for the service of transporting what I was told was an operative automobile (meaning that the automobile motor started without assistance and stayed running, and that the automobile was drivable at least sufficiently to load the automobile onto the car hauler). Upon my November 16, 2019 arrival at the Okeechobee facility from which I was to pick up the automobile, I learned the automobile did not start without assistance. I used jump cables to start the automobile, which then stayed running long enough to be driven onto the car hauler. I was not again able to get the car motor to start, and later had to twice manipulate the automobile BY HAND (once to unload and then reload the automobile; the second time to unload the automobile at its destination). As per the bill of lading, an inopertive vehicle fee of $200.00 will be added to the transport fee and collected from Mr. Andreev. On November 20, 2019 I delivered the automobile to the Bayonne, New Jersey destination speficied by Mr. Andreev. As he was not able to be present upon delivery of the automobile, during a telephone conversation with me during my presence at the delivery location Mr. Andreev promised to immediately remit payment to me via the US Postal Service to my postal mail address. Upon my December 4, 2019 attempt to send Mr. Andreev a bill of lading (his receipt for the transport service I provided) and invoice for the payment owed by Mr. Andreev to me for the service I provided, I learned that Mr. Andreev’s fax number is inoperative. Upon contacting Mr. Andreev to ask for a viable fax number to which I could send the documents, during a telephone conversation with me Mr. Andreev stated to me that he would not pay me the money I earned for providing the transport service. Mr. Andreev has provided no valid reason for withholding payment for the service he received. Mr. Andreev can be reached via telephone at (347)777-1511; alternate telephone numbers provided by Mr. Andreev are (347)863-6189, (347)312-5164 (inoperative) and (954)504-5496.

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