AAA Car Corporation

AAA Car Corporation

AAA Car Corporation NIGERIAN MONEY WIRE SCAM, THEY STEAL YOUR PERSONAL INFO FROM THEIR “LOAN APPLICATION” St. Paul, Minnesota!!. This fake business is run by “Gerald Bell” with a heavy Nigerian accent. From googling, you will find a few things that look legitimate. “Gerald Bell” will show up on a business record as having worked at AAA Car Co for 11 years, and the company says it was started in 2000. They also have a very professional website that would almost fool you into believing its real. They list photos stolen from other websites as cars for sale at ridiculously low prices, and will even send you a Carfax report for them. They will tell you you can come down and test drive the cars and that their “loan department” is taking a while to process the information you filled out. This is all a ploy to keep you hanging so they can open lines of credit in your name with the utility bill and drivers license they will ask you to fax them. Wells Fargo called them on my behalf to ask for a copy of the title of the car I wanted to buy. “Gerald” sent over a buyer/purchaser agreement and asked Wells Fargo to “wire” him the money. He never sent the title. Then when he was told he wouldn’t get wired any funds, he stopped answering calls and then emailed the car was sold to get us to stop contacting him. The phone number you call will pause before it starts ringing because it’s a fake number being routed to another phone through Google Voice. If you call a different business on that street, they will tell you that there are no car dealerships around, and Google Street View doesnt show anything that remotely resembles the car dealership they say is there. DO NOT APPLY FOR A “LOAN” ON THEIR “WEBSITE”, THEY WILL STEAL ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. If you come into contact with these scammers please report them to the FBI and FTC.

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