AAA Carolinas

AAA Carolinas

AAA Carolinas You will not get what you pay for Charlotte North Carolina!!. Wife locked her keys in the car and I called AAA at 6:30 pm. Was rainy and cold. Gave wife my car so she and our child (2 yrs) could go home. Waited for 2 hrs. Called several times during this period to see what the issues was. Was told numerous times that the driver is a few minutes away or that he is outside and I should see him. Driver was clearly not there. Finally, several good Samaritans who had seen me waiting for so long offered to help me. One lady called her husband from home who came and he helped, the owner of the restaurant my wife was at was helping. I called AAA one last time and reflected to them that I will fix this issue on my own. One lady (who is also a member of AAA) also called AAA in attempt to get assistance. Good Samaritans and I were working on getting the car open and a AAA driver then pulled up. He retrieved the keys in about 60 seconds. The driver overhead us talking regarding the wait and he pointed out that he received the dispatch 10 minutes earlier. The lady who was on the phone with AAA obtained the complaint line phone number and a reference number so I could address this issue with AAA. The next morning, I contacted the complaint line and I walked the representative through the situation. I was essentially told “that’s the way it is” and that she could note my complaint and have someone call me. I questioned how this resolves the issue for me and my concern with use of AAA services. She then reflected she will take the encounter off of my account as if it did not happen and won’t count against my benefit. I again reflected this does not resolve my issue, especially considering I never use all of my AAA benefit each year anyway. The customer services rep and I became more and more agitated as our conversation progressed. She repeated herself over and over about noting the complaint. I continued to point out this does not resolve my issue. She then asked how I would like the issues resolved. I reflected I am unsure of the options (other than note a complaint) and gave an example of maybe making membership half price or something like that. To my comment, I then heard a group of people laughing in the background. I then asked to speak to her supervisor. She pointed out that her supervisor is not available. I reflected that know there is someone that is her superior that should be available when she is unable to resolve an issue. She agreed that there was but supervisor is not available. I realized continuing was pointless, laughed, and said good bye.

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