aaa engine and transmission store

aaa engine and transmission store

aaa engine and transmission store aaa japanese importsyour engine and transmission store the sold me a non runable engine it was broken when i got it they said i broke it houston Texas!!. I bought and engine from them in june 2018 they said it would cost me $175.00 shipping and it would be delivered in 4 to 5 business days. it took almost 3 weeks,with a shipping cost of 495.07, I called the company and they told me pay it and they would refund the overage, didn’t get refund, because of the delay in shipping the shop put me on the back lot til they hsd time to install the engine which took 5 weeks . after in stalling they found the starter mount was broken off which could not be seen till you were under the car. I contacted the comany and sent them pictures the pictures clearly show that its an old break it is full of greese and the greese and break is covered wirh the paint they painted the engine with. They put sticker on the engine and these stickers ore on top of the paint again clearly showing they painted the break . I was told when I reported the damage they would get back to me after repeated phone to the company The manager talk to me and told me I broke it that they had pictures where it had been welded, the pictures clearly show that it had never been welded, She started yelling when i pointed this out. Later she text me saying they would be will to weld and retap the break. I informed her this was unexceptable because it would hold. Also I ordered an 1985 engine with 7000 something miles there invoice said they shipped a 1985 engine but what I got was a 1981 engine with unknown milage when I ask about it I was told no matter it the same type of engine. I requested a replacement engine I was told no I broke the engine ask for my money back was told no. I had to borrow the money to buy this engine , It cost me 1395.00 for the engine, 495.07 shipping, 800.00 to have the engine pluded and replace (which now I have to pay again) I am a 67 yr old man and have avery bad heart problem and can not do this work, This car is my only transportation. I have found that this company has repeatly done this and when things get too hot for them they chance three name and keep on doing it. Why has te state of texas done something to help the people that is getting ripped off and putting these people in jail and out of business

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