AAA Engine

AAA Engine

AAA Engine Painted (Not Remanufactured) Engines Assembled by Non-Professionals chatsworth California!!. AAA Engine claims to re-manufacture engines, but has set up a warranty that allows them to send a painted, used engine with no recourse for consumer. All options offered to address the faulty engine through AAA Engine cost as much or more than the engine itself. Further, the consumer has to pay a third party as much or more than the cost of the engine to identify the problems with the engine in order to take legal action. Obviously this I assume has deterred the majority of legal actions from consumers. I suspect they are a completely fraudulent business taking advantage of their consumers financial situation and vulnerable position. On 2/10/2015, purchased a remanufactured engine for 2003 4Runner from AAA Engine as advertised at at that time. As of today, advertisement is still up. Had shipped to Woodburn, OR and installed by Case Automotive , an established local auto shop. Cost of engine was $2,800. Per Case Automotive, engine was installed by technician in accordance with guidance provided by AAA Engine. After installation, Case Automotive found the following: 1. Significant leak in rear main seal that would have to be replaced. 2. Error messages around cam sensors/timing and engine running poorly. I contacted AAA Engine who claimed this was always do to poor installation and that they would not cover any costs associated with repair. I elected to send to Toyota Dealership to make repairs and inspect the quality of the engine. After inspection, Toyota found the following: 1. Rear main seal was improperly installed, causing significant leaks. 2. Crank Shaft installed had large gash complicating leaking rear main seal and needed to be replaced 3. Timing was set incorrectly and had to be redone 4. Camshaft was installed incorrectly, causing it to break. Broken pieces damaged some timing gears. All had to be replaced. 5. Timing chain was stretched out of allowable specifications, had to be replaced (Triggered check engine light). 6. Rear plugs were leaking due to engine heads not being properly machined. Heads needed to be remachined. 7. Silver paint found in oil even after multiple flushes. Matches paint on exterior of engine. 8. Catalytic converter failed and had to be replaced. Technician speculates this was due to the paint chips in the oil, which likely damaged the catalytic converter. Per Toyota, all of the above was unquestionably the results of a very poorly remanufactured engine and not the fault of the installer. They highly recommended I purchase another engine or get engine professionally rebuilt. The Dealership provided a signed statement that this indeed was not a properly remanufactured/assembled engine. Contacted AAA Engine throughout and they denied any responsibility and refused to contact either business to address findings with the engine. Agreed to accept the engine back to make repairs, but would not cover any removal costs, shipping, or costs incurred to find issues. Note that charges for engine were processed through Machine Shop Pros. I contacted Machine Shop Pros to find out relationship to AAA Engine and they claimed AAA Engine was their neighbor and sometimes used their credit card machine. Disputed the charges with my credit card company who took statements and reviewed the evidence, concluded that the engine shipped was not as promised. They reversed the charges. AAA Engine has hired a lawyer and is pursuing legal recourse. They asking for me to return the engine, but costs to remove, ship and reinstall a replacement engine exceed to cost of the engine. Further it does not take into account the costs I incurred to get engine into working order when AAA Engine refused to address failures.

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