AAA Engines

AAA Engines

AAA Engines Engines USA Refusing to refund core charge Chatsworth California!!. If only I had read these reviews before dealing with these scamers! I purchased an engine from this company and it arrived within a week and I shipped the old engine back for my core charge refund ($500). I tracked the shipment and confirmed the engine was delivered to their phony address on july 9th 2017. In mid-august I contacted is company to ask how long refunds usually take. A man said its usually a 15day inspection then the refund is mailed out. I stated my engine was returned in July, it has been over a month and I’ve yet to recieve my refund. The man seemed so apologetic and sincere. Quick to take down all of my information and he insured the check would be in the mail the next day. August 31st arrives but my refund has not. I call the company, same man answers. I inform him we had spoken a few weeks ago and I hadnt recieved my refund. He apologized and says hes looking for my paperwork. He then asked me if he could call me right back in a few min so he could look through everything, I say sure and he hangs up. 45mins pass with no call. I call back and he answers. I asked when he was going to call back and he just tried to play it off. He says he has found the check, for some reason it wasnt sent out and it would be in the mail at the end of the week. September 14th comes, and still no refund. I call back and same man answers. I am angry and frustrated at this point. He tries to put me on hold and i refuse to let him. He gives me another BS excuse as to why the check was not sent out. Obviously, I’m never going to see my refund without legal help. I have read from other complaints when customers recieve their refund it is for only a few dollars and the company claims the core engine was not repairable. I know for a fact, my core engine was is working condition and the cylinder heads and other major components were new and are worth more alone that the $500 core charge. So, there should be no reason why I shouldn’t be refunded the full amount. If anyone has found a way to seek action against this company and has won, please let me Know!

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