AAA Extended Warranty

AAA Extended Warranty

AAA Extended Warranty omnisure group warrantyASI / Ownershield, Inc. (OSI)Independent Dealer Group, Inc. (IDG) Scam, Stay Away, Waste of Money Nationwide!!. I got this warranty, because my current car’s warranty expired. I originally read decent reviews and thought, since AAA backs this warranty i would have no issues. First I normally take my car to the dealership for repairs, but with this warranty it’s suggested to go to a AAA Certified Repair Center. Which is where i took my car to, even though its 40mins away from my house. When i purchased the warranty i was told to get the Exclusionary contract which was close to the manufactury warranty. Which is total false. My struts, and shocks were blown out from regular wear and tear. Went to the repair location presented my warranty info and hoped for the best. The mechanic called me and stated the Struts, Shocks, Front Brakes, Horn and battery need to be replaced and the only thing the warranty covered was the horn. I contacted the warranty administrator and was told that specific codes need to be given to them to see whats covered and what was not covered. I explained that the warranty paperwork stated Battery Replacement will be provided a one-time replacement at the Club owned repair service (which is where i took the car) The administrator said it wasnt approved because it wasn’t coded properly. the warranty is supposed to cover the following: Exclusionary*: Exclusionary is AAAu2019s best coverage. Coverage is very similar to the coverage that was on the vehicle when it was new and covers all original mechanical and electrical components except items listed as excluded, vehicle maintenance such as lube oil and filter changes, tires, light bulbs and brake pads. this warranty is a joke, do not buy an extended warranty from this company or any of the subsidories. Total ripoff.

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