AAA M Wrecker Service, Inc.

AAA M Wrecker Service, Inc.

AAA M Wrecker Service, Inc. Towed my truck at 2:30 am in the parking lot where I LIVED Houston, Texas!!. I live in a small apartment complex in the Montrose area of Houston. I have another vehicle that was in the shop (with the parking permit on the windshield), so I was using a temporary vehicle to get me to work and my son to school. The temporary vehicle has been on the property and seen by many people since I loved in the complex over two months ago, so it was not a vehicle noone had seen before. At 2:30 am, these vultures stalked the parking lot when I was sleeping and towed the temporary vehicle I was driving. I walked out of my apartment in the morning to go to work and drop my son off to school and the truck was gone! They do this in the middle of the night with no regard for the people’s lives they are meddling in and causing problems for. Why can’t they do it earlier in the evening and knock on the doors of the people in the apartments, to ask if the vehicle belongs to a resident who lives there? There are only 14 apts. on the property I live in, so that would not have been so hard to do. They do this in them middle of the night when people are sleeping like VULTURES, so they can rip people off and get money for towing a vehicle that belongs to someone who lived on the property. The way this company operates is unethical and inhumane. There is a way to do things that will not cause life problems for the people you are inconveniencing, such as being late for work, etc but they choose to, instead, act like animals and have someone’s car impounded for NO reason. We had to pay over $300.00 to get my truck back. As someone on a tight budget, this caused me even more hardship. They need to be put out of business.

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