Aamco Puyallup

Aamco Puyallup

Steer Clear – AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care -right!, Puyallup Washington!!. I can only describe my experience as poor. I originally took my 2001 Pathfinder to the Puyallup location mainly due to my great experience at the Lynwood location. The folks in Lynwood actually saved me from paying the Dodge dealer $3k for a transmission on my truck (cleaned a corroded solenoid). However, I’ve had nothing but bad experience with the Puyallup location. The first time I had it in, they repaired the transmission, which took about two weeks. That lasted a day, and I had to have it towed back. Next, the transmission was completely replaced, at a cost of just under $4000. Oh, and they had it for another three weeks. All told, it was 38 days in which hey had the vehicle, either at their shop or at the Nissan dealership. Here it is, now December, and the vehicle is now back in their shop. At first, it was diagnosed as being a Mass Airflow Sensor problem. Great, fine, I said, replace it. They are charging me $500 for a $144 part, which is highway robbery. However, the truck is still not right, and they have to drop the transmission again. They’ve had it a week now, and are just now getting to the problem for which we brought it in. Just spoke with Sam, and they’ll be bringing it back from the Nissan dealer to repair/replace the transmission again. Aside from the apparently lacking technical knowledge, customer service at this location tends to be an issue. I have found myself making daily phone calls to the shop to get news about my vehicle. I do this mainly because I have been promised phone calls with status updates, but the phone calls never come. When I get someone on the phone, usually Sam, I always seem to get “We’ll get to it tomorrow”. So as of the writing of this review, Aamco Puyallup will have had my vehicle for a grand total of 45 days (38 the first time, and now 7 more). EDIT: It is now 1/3/2017. The truck was supposed to be ready on Friday, 12/30/2106. Surprise, surprise, it wasn’t. They’ve promised to have it back to me today, after replacing the transmission AGAIN. I understand that you’ve had morons working their in the past. I understand that you can only move as fast as parts can arrive. Maybe pay for overnight shipping? Only hire the best? You’ve had my vehicle for over sixty days. Make it right. Vince Ornato, if your listening, give me a call and please tell me that I will be getting my truck back soon.

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