AAMCO Transmssion Roseville, CA

AAMCO Transmssion Roseville, CA

AAMCO Transmssion Roseville, CA BEWARE! Roseville California!!. I had my transmission rebuilt by this shop in OCT 2014. Two years later it failed OCT 2016. So I towed my vehicle to AAMCO Roseville since the transmission rebuild is under warranty. I am having to rent a car while waiting for the repairs to be finished. I had my vehicle towed to the AAMCO in Roseville on OCT 1, 2016. Today is NOV 1, 2019 and they still have not finished my vehicle. My rental car cost is now over $1,200 and climbing. Since day one, I have been pleading with the shop to help with rental reimbursement cost to which they adamantly refuse. So as a consumer, I would 1st, think twice as to whether or not I would even use this shop for initial transmission repairs/rebuilds. And if you decide to use this shop for a transmission rebuild, then I would be cautious as to the service you will receive from them WHEN you need to use the warranty for repairs that are probably most likely going to be needed. I am currently filing a complaint with the Bureau of Automotive repair to see what kind of solution we can come up with. But so far, AAMCO has very adamantly refused to help.

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