AARON’S AUTO REPAIR DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HERE FOR REPAIR IRVING Texas!!. These guys were the only tow truck available when I found myself broke down one Sunday morning. Granted they came fast. He brought a jump starter and when it did not start, he offered to take me home and then he would tow my vehicle to his shop in Irving and have it working in about 24 hours. I had had electricial problems in the past and had to change the alternator about 8 months prior to this incident. He tells me that the alternator is bad and that he had one at his shop. The alternator I have is sort of unique in design and in the shape. I thought it odd that he would have it on have it on hand. When he took off, he left behind his jump box that supposedly cost him almost $400. He called to tell me that he left it so I went outside and secured it and told him I would being it to him when I picked up my vehicle. The next day I had a friend run me up to his shop that also wanted to get some work done. Mechanic charged me $85 for tow. Then another $300 to replace alternator which I later learned that he did not replace when I asked him for the alternator that came out. I paid him and the next few days my vehicle would start violentlly shaking whille driviing down the road. I took it into have it checked out and found that Aaron’s auto left out the main bolt to the alternator and th other bolts were loose. I went too his shop and demanded explanation. He told me that he only replaced the voltage regulator inside the alternator. Exactly one month later, I had the same problem and had to have the alternator replaced. These guys are sscam artist. I would not use them even to tow my vehicle again if my life depended upon it.

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