ABC DIESEL & GAS REPAIR, INC RIP OFF ON ATV REPAIRS 745.50 FOR REPAIRS AND NOTHING FIXED VENUS Texas!!. Took my 2 atvs to be repaired. They said they work on everything. After a full month nothing is fixed. After getting a call on tuesday 11/3/15, They said caburetors need to be replaced. Said they cleaned them, which they didn’t. Said cables needed to be replaced, nothing wrong with old ones. Said some other parts for cable needed to be replaced connecting to carb. I told them to put the ATV’s back together and I would come and get both of them. When I got everything back home most of the bolts were loose and parts were missing. For one the air filter cover is gone and some bolts were also missing. They charged me $745.50 for nothing. They said they spent 4 hours on each ATV. Doing what, I don’t know. Then they charged me $225.50 for parts and when I check on line the parts only cost $150.00. Greg told me he would only charge me for what the parts cost and $65.00 an hour for labor. Now I have two ATVs and neither one of them run. This morning, I watched 3 different videos on youtube on how to do this. Talked to guy at Kawaski dealer, who knew about them. He said they were idiots. He told me a relative took thier ATV down to ABC to get thier oil change and ABC charged them $200.00. which should have cost $20.00 at the most.

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