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Purchased a 58 inch Samsung Plasma TV on Dec 02, 2010 and on Jan. 20, 2011 tv set is dead no picture no audio. Contacted the store was given a 1 800 number to call which I did was told maybe in 7 to 14 days can get someone to take a look at before any decision can be made. Called the Cooperate Office at 10 am the next morning got the run around was told the Regional Manager (Rob Rochetti)was going to contact me prior to work day end. Well believe it on not no call (big surprise) when contacted the Corporate Office again was told he was in the field and there is no way to contact him (no cell phone for a regional manager). Bottom line stay away from ABC Warehouse this is coming from a customer who has purchased from the same store for the past 15 years . I will never go back or refer anyone…

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