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I bought a frig from ABC and when they came to deliver my from door knob got stuck. So I asked them to take it back to the store and bring it back they refuse wanting to put it in my garage. I said the frig was too big and they ignored me and did it anyway. While I was at work my aunt was here to have them bring the frig from the garage into the house. when i took my old frig out to the garage my light did not work. i found it hidden in between some cases of water and the fixture was broken and the light bulb still intact. then they lied and said they didn’t do it and I insisted that they did. they then said yes they did break it but my aunt knew about as she was in the garage when they did it. | the problem with that lie is my aunt forgot my alarm code and was in the house trying to shut off the alarm and had to call me at work. she was never in the garage. they then agreed to send out a repair man and he called and left a voicemail. my mother called him back twice but no call back. I then went up to ABC warehouse and they said he was trying to call me over and over again. I told them he did not call back and whatever is going on you will be fixing my light fixture. they called the repairman on the spot and set it up for the next day. i gave them a different number to call since I will be at work and cannot get calls and my mother is home. the man called the store and said no one was home but he went to the wrong house. | he past my house and was at the corner. my mother is standing in the yard and he called she told him to look behind you and back up. i called the store in the meantime to let them know that he was not there and the store manager JOE started yelling at me saying you said someone would be there and no one is there you lied we are just wasting our time. I said my mother has not left the house she is waiting and he said she was a liar. i told him don’t no one call my mother a liar and the only liar in this whole situation is you. lied about the light fixture lied on my aunt lied about coming out to fix it. so I called the corporate office to file a complaint with the district manager and the man on the phone hung up on me. | said he was going to give me his voicemail and then slammed the phone down. i quickly called back and asked why did he do that? he said i just need to take your name and number and please give me a good number to call and nothing where its belongs to someone else. then he would not give me the name of the DM said it was against company policy because maybe he wont be the one calling back. i asked him who does that make sense to? i said fine and then the man pointed out that i need to know how to talk in order to explain things to the DM otherwise he will not speak to me. I have been discriminated before but this is crazy. i told him i know how to speak it is part of my job and i don’t you worry about me talking. so when the DM called he said his name was JOE. that is the store manager name as well but I did not know because they would not tell me his name anyway. | I said Joe i do not want to talk to you i will speak with your district manager instead i don’t like what you did. then the man said he was the district manager my name is Joe too. I explained things to him and he said you know i am not going to just take your word for it. i said i did not expect that i would expect you to speak with the store manager. I asked for a follow up and he said no he was too busy. I demanded a follow up other wise i will be calling back. he stated that it will be very quick because he had things to do. i replied how long do you think it would take to say what you gotta say. I have never been do disrespected before from a company I am trying to give my money to. I have never had the customer service like this being so bad apart from SPRINT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Calling customers liars, demanding they learn how to speak when they are talking to a higher up, damaging customer’s property and then covering it up. REALLY? This is YOUR ABC WAREHOUSE.

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