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Total crap and and a terrible scam currently under investigation my financial institutions and consumer affairs Victoria As well as fair trade in the USA. Read the tens of internet stories before you buy this rubbish. They have illegally aligned themselves with “shark tank” on an Australian TV show and in print suggesting a unbelievable fast skin wrinkle treatment never before seen and lab tested with extraordinary results. They guarantee 100% success! So the scam is simple, the promise of a free sample paying for postage only. However it is not just a free sample and you are unwittingly signed up for a 14 day trial. By the time you get your “free” sample the 14 day period has expired and mysteriously $133.00 ($99USD) has been taken from your credit card account. Upon further investigation you cannot even use the free sample unless it’s used in conjunction with another five of their products which they never send you. By the time you check your statement again or get in contact with the customer service number another month has passed and another $133 has gone. The smart and aggressive customers that get through within the first month and call them out are usually offered a refund of $50.00 keeping $88.00 for themselves. Many people just give up. Others like me contact their credit card company and explain the scam and have them investigated and the full monies refunded. I asked for a full investigation by my credit card provider CITIBANK but they blinded them in paperwork until my credit card company gave up and I was forced to pay The product is crap, the company is a sham and hopefully the people responsible get it in the end. Below is a photo of the only product I’ve ever received from the company.

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  1. Carlo Mastalski
    June 17, 2020

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