Above & Beyond Pool Remodeling

Above & Beyond Pool Remodeling Review

Extremly diassapointed. my pool job is shoddy- I am out ten thousand dollars. I would rip it out and start again, never using a Micky Mouse organization like this- | Everyone sent to my home was terrible. The first rock face installer brought his pregnant wife that spent the whole day puking in my bushes- she was pregnant and the tile setter had a DUI ( according to Mike,) and could not drive. To call this person a tile craftsman an insult to everyone, He sould not be allowed to touch mortar or tile, he did nto have the sense to “off set: the tile……(?) | Almost immediatly and every few months up to now rock face tiles fall off. We are sick about it. I was blamed because he claims there is no moisture barrier. well, Mr Contractor, why didn’t you install a moisture barrier? That’s why I hired you- You have a contrators license? perhaps you should use it. | The accent tiles in the pool are all crooked. Mike was nowhere to be found during installation. You can tell his workers do not repect him…everyone was angry or put out in some way. | He also lied right to my face. He claimed everyone that he was sending over was the A team….they were all ‘off the street’ – rookies, at best. Only the pebble tech installers seemed the least bit qualified- Everyone else he sent over was terrible, without exception. | He missed the installation date. | He missed the pool light- it was one and burnt out | He misssed the fact that the water feature was cracked and had to be filled – should have been obvious. | He only came around to get more money. | In the course of the work he forgot to unplug the pool light which was on a timer. He just told me, on the phone, that it was a gift to me. I’m like, ok, now I know you’re NUTS…. first you break it then you tell me it’s a gift….. | Finally- he just threatend to leave a bad review for my business. I have never done a loan for this liar- so that would be Slander and Blackmail. His words were, if you leave a bad review for me I will leave a bad review for you…..un-real…. | So if you want a nightmare go ahead and hire him. I am okay with being contacted and you can come look at the workmanship. just post to this review – if I save anyone the heartache that I have, I will be happy.

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