Absolute Auto Credit

Absolute Auto Credit

Absolute Auto Credit DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS DEALER!!! Fort Edward New York!!. Hello consumers! Do not buy from Absolulte Auto Credit in Fort Edward NY or there other location wihich i beleive is in Greenwhich or Cambridge. I purchased a 2007 Suzuki Forenza from them. I have had it 4 months. In that 4 months my transmission has gone…(took them 2 weeks to get it back to me because the “owner” John and Steve needed to “approve” the part needed to fix my car, and they seemgliy took their time. Once got the car back i suddenly needed a power steering pump as well, mind you it was FINE when it went in for the transimission to be replaced. Last night 6/28/13 they came and repossessed my car. I have placed 8 phone calls in to the dealership as of 3:13 pm today 6/29/13, my last payment as scheduled was made on 6/24/13. When i got the car payments were suppose to be made on Thursdays. Due to income change Molly the accounts manager CALLED ME ON FRIDAY 6/22/13 to see if putting me in the system for payments on Mondays rather than thursdays would help me out. I responded gladly with a yes please and thank you. So, be sure to follow the dates here folks…on 6/28/13 at 12am…yes i said 12 AM my car is being repossessed…of course i loose my head…bc as per the conservation with Molly on 6/22/13 my payments were moved to Mondays, so my next payment would be on 6/1/13. Of course the repo man is only doing his job for a scum dealership obvisouly. Please let me also let consumers know that this dealership puts a device in your car that automatically shuts your car down from remote location if its activated….this was NOT used, rather they came and got the car. So, lets see here at best…if you follow my orginal payment date of Thursday 6/27/13 was missed and Molly didnt make the proper notes in the system even though SHES the one who called me on 6/22/13..at best then my payment was 24 hours late. And they come get the car???? Really? how about that remote device where you shut the car down till payment is made? how about the late fee? how about general customer service of a phone call to ASK the customer why they didnt pay? O no lets go get the car, not answer any phone calls, or return phone calls. Lets Hide behind the office ladies who had NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS AND LET THEM GET THE FRUSTRED CUSTOMER ON THE PHONE, lets have the office ladies tell the customer “tell her its month end and we wont be calling her till Monday”. REALLY??? ALL PAYMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE!!! CAR PAYMENT NOT IN DELIQUENT STATUS….HAVE ALL RECEIPTS AND PROFF OF PAYMENTS….LETS GO GET THE CAR AND THEN SOCK HER WITH A REPO FEE TO BOOT ( when in reality all they had to do was hit the off button on there little remote they have in the car and a phone call could of been made)…BUT BETTER YET..LETS MAKE HER GO WITHOUT A PAID FOR CAR FOR THE WEEKEND BECAUSE WE CANT TAKE TWO SECONDS TO LOOK IN THE SYSTEM. The owners wife Melissa the “office manager”…which by the way I called her the accounts manager and she took it as an insult. And a degrading comment. So, that must mean Molly who she stated to me whos the “account manager” must be poop on the totum pole by Melissa standards. So, let me ask this…does every dealership take a car with miscommunication, or at best a 24 hour late payment?? These guys are rip offs. There service department will be certain to use all your gas as well when you take your car in for repair..and be guarnteeed that something else will be wrong with your car when it comes out.

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