Absolute Bachelor Club

Absolute Bachelor Club

Absolute Bachelor Club Natasha Noel Natasha Noel sets her matching making prices based on your lifestyle and scamed me and dozen of men over $14,000.00 dollars Montreal Quebec!!. I have always wanted to report Absolute Bachelor Club. This matchmaking company is owned by Natasha Noel in Montreal who claims she can hook you up with the perfect mate. But for her, it comes down to just money and what you would do for a cheap date that she finds on Facebook among her friend’s list begging for help. She goes from city to city trying her best to scam people into joining her matchmaking club. The major red flag that most people do not see at first is that she has no real referral, no proof that any matchmaking has ever lead a single man or woman to marry. Asked her to show me proof and she comes up with that she has matched thousands of couples. Her going price was set at $5000.00 for me to meet about three dates without any real guarantees. Then a few weeks later I found out she charged a friend of mine $12,000.00, the worst was not one of the dates were what he asked for and we all found out she was finding these women from another dating site, then she got barred from a few sites once they caught on she was stealing clients to get women to sign up with her. The main problem with this woman is not even her post shows what real couples are about or love, its all about scamming rich men and women to finance her lifestyle and posting picture sitting beside movies stars. She couldn’t make it into acting world or being a mistress so being a matchmaking pimp stealing from people is what she does best. So now she has upped her asking price at $15,000.00 to meet a man or woman, and if that doesn’t work out she walks away with your money and laughing at you. Personally, this woman is doing other things on the side to get rich men. There is not a single proof Absolute Bachelor Clube has ever matched a single person that ever lasted past 2 weeks to 4 months and not one person has ever written how happy they are in her ability to finding them happiness for life. All is fake and a major scam and I wish someone would truly take the time and look further into this shady woman. Her database is only friends of friends helping her out. She scams clients, friends, and income tax. So rich lawyers like me are taking on a ride. Once you sign up with her she makes sure you are not able to see that shes never matched any real couple, this woman is the best talker and its amazing that she been on City TV here in Toronto, and Montreal but I found out most stations feels she is a scam but she pays well to get viewing to rake in the suckers like I was. Absolute Bachelor Club is a total scam and fraud and should be out of business, she gives a bad name to other matchmaking companies. Unbelievable she has tried asking one client $1,000.000.00, it didn’t work after I convinced him during my investigation on her. I had to hire someone to do further digging from my firm.

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