Absolute Organics, LLC

Absolute Organics, LLC Complaint

Absolute Organic LLC, Pays there workers poorly. They also work in the basement of an really old what use to be a mill. The conditions are poor, There is no air conditioner, Nor heat. The drivers have to drive the vans in which absolute organic llc provide, But they are used, And the owner’s husband is the shade tree mechanic who works on them, He isn’t certified to work on vechicles. But he tries to do all the work on the vans, I have seen drivers leave in vans and the ball joint was about to fall off. I also saw vans leave that had bald tires with wire showing. I also know that not all drivers are treated the same. Like for example, One driver in 100 degree weather may have a van with A/C when another doesn’t. The owners also push the drivers to hurry up and finish there route, No matter if he or she get a ticket for speeding. They expect drivers with 40 or more deliveries to be done in 7 hours. In which it may take 45 minutes to get to your first stop. If the driver doesn’t get done in the time frame that the owners want them to, Than you are harassed by them tracking you with GPS. I know of at least one wreck if not more that has occurred either for speeding or because of the work from a un certified mechanic. More wrecks will occur as long as the drivers are being pushed, For low wages. I know of some mold that lives in the basement of the old run down mill they operate out of. They do not want customers to visit there place of business, Or know where it is. They use a charlotte nc address to make people think that were they are located. If you want see there place of business it is located on S Grove Street Ext, look that up on mapquest its in lincolnton nc 28092. From charlotte nc as you get off in lincolnton off of hwy 321 turn right, Go to the third light and turn left, Than go to the third light and turn right, Than go to thesecond street on the left and you will see there vans sitting out. The more money they make the less they wanna pay, And there is no benefits, Nothing, No holiday pay, No vacations, No insurance, The owners have insurance, They also made enough money to buy another house and move not to long ago.

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