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I felt it pertinent to share my personal experience with Abundant/Epic Impact. I joined Abundant on 5/18/18 and cancelled my membership on 12/14/18. Here is why, and here’s what happened when I explained to the Abundant leaders my feelings about their program. The following was an email I sent to the Abundant/Epic Impact organization on 12/14/18 requesting a cancellation of my membership and a refund: ———————————————– Subject: 8 Month Assessment I want to begin this by saying I appreciate many of the individuals in your organization and I wish everyone the best in their personal endeavors, but there’s something I need to be honest about as it pertains to my experience as a member over the last several months. | When I was initially approached about joining your organization while attending an “immersion” in May 2018 from the recommendation of a friend, I was pitched on Day 2 to join this “crew” membership, which cost $3500 to sign up + $1500/month after that for this program that included 4 immersions (one of which was a Costa Rica trip that cost an additional $2500), a weekly “crew call,” and a bi-weekly 30 minute coaching call.

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