AC Delco Consumer Battery Division

AC Delco Consumer Battery Division

AC Delco (Consumer Battery Division) Failure to honor Warranty or Reimburse for Loss for defective Battery Saginaw Michigan!!. I purchased a brand new AC Delco Battery from an authorized AC Delco reseller on Nov. 02, 2019 in Wisconsin and had the battery installed by the same reseller into a 1963 Corvair I had purchased and had both the vehicle andthe battery I purchased to my residence in San Antonio, TX. Upon arrival the car wouldn’t start and the battery was completely dead so I had the battery checked out by Auto Zone locally who determined the battery to be defective and needing to be replaced. I immediately contacted the local AC Delco dealer here in San Antonio, TX and was informed that each dealer operates independently so I would need to take the battery back to the Wisconsin dealer for any warranty of said battery. Upon being told this rediculous way that AC Delco services its brand new batteries that are defective during the warranty period I then contact the National Customer Assistance Division @ 1-800-223-3526 and spoke with an agent who informed me to simply take the defective battery to anywhere of my choice and purchase a new battery of any make I so desired and then mail in a copy of my original bill of sale for the AC Delco defective battery as well as my new bill of sale for the replacement battery and they (AC Delco) would refund me what I had to pay for the new replacement battery. I did as instructed by the agent for AC Delco and was shocked to receive a letter dated Nov. 28, 2019 which in part states “We are unable to process the claim regarding your failed battery as you (being myself) are not the original purchaser of the battery”. I contacted AC Delco immediately and asked to speak with a supervisor because I was and am the original purchaser of said battery and I sent a copy of the bill of sale reflecting such dated Nov. 02, 2019 from OC Automotive in Oak Creek, WI. I was informed no Supervisor was available for me to speak with and their decision was final. I would advise anybody and everybody to stay away from any AC Delco battery or anyother auto part as their warranty sucks and is apparently only good at the location and dealer where purchased with no support whatsoever from AC Delco Corporate. Stick with buying your future batteries and parts from a National chain of part stores such as Auto Zone, O’Reilly’s, NAPA and otheers who stand behind their warranties Nationwide regardless of where purchased.

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