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These guys are the biggest phonies in the car business. They make it look like you get $2, 000 (or $2, 500) for your trade, but all of the prices on the cars are over inflated. The owner, Lonnie Blackburn, is a self promoting guy, his dealer for the people is a bunch of crap, if he was for the people he wouldn’t charge $399 to do the paperwork. I went into to look at a car, worked on the numbers, never would tell me a price, or an interest rate(I already knew I could get approved at my own credit union for a 5.29%), and when they did they told me interest rate would be 9.99%!! Tried to underbid for my car as well. The car smelled like it had been smoked in and was not clean. (I did see one of the sales guys pull up in a demo, and he had been smoking, as well as the owner who was smoking in his demo. as well). Total scam artist! DO NOT buy from ACADEMY! Lawrence’s biggest rip-offs!!

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