acbincentives bigo

acbincentives bigo

Big O Tires aka acbincentives/bigo aka aka Big O Promotion Did not honor qualified rebate. No explanation. Looks like a scam. Company pushed me to spend more for it. Memphis Tennessee!!. Went to Big O Tires in Prescott Valley, AZ on 01 14 2019 to have rear brake pads installed. That was all I needed. They said they would install my store bought pads but with no guarantee. Customer service rep said they would bleed out the system for free. This would cost me $100. I thought it was great. I then asked for an oil change while the car was there and they said no problem. This would be $16.95. After a few hours I got a call from them saying I needed more work. I was told that my rear brake cylinders were leaking really really badly or spewing fluid as I was told and needed replaced. This would cost me now a total of $372.00. I said I had to think about it. I was not sure I could afford that. I did not really believe them as, although my brake pedal was a little low and I knew that my pads were a bit worn, I could not see brake fluid leaking anywhere before and I was not losing any fluid in the master cylinder resevoir. My car was stuck there and I was elswhere not knowing what I should do at that point since they had already removed the brake shoes according to them. Before I could decide I got a call back from them saying they made a mistake on the price and it would only be $252.61 plus tax for everything. I was told I qualified for a Visa Prepaid Card as a rebate if I spent over $250 before tax so it would help offset my price a bit. I hurriedly agreed. When I got the call to pick up my car within a few hours I was a bit surprised it was done so fast. I was concerned. I arrived to find the car in the lot. I pushed on the brake pedal and it felt only slightly better that it had been. When I got inside the building to pay I asked how it all went and was told it was all good. I mentioned the brake pedal being a bit low in my opinion and was told it would work itself out. I was then given the rebate form and told I could mail it in or go online with it. My pretax total I was told was $252.61 and so I was qualified for a $25 Visa Prepaid Card as a rebate from Big O. I went home and immediately went online to to sign up for my prepaid Visa Card. I uploaded a copy of my invoice as instructed which came to a total of $258.72. The pretax total was $252.61 and so according to the rebate terms I qualified as I had spent at least $250 before tax. I printed my copy of the completed transaction and waited. I checked back in about a week online and saw that the rebate status said, “in process”. So I waited bit longer. Today I logged in to check my rebate status again and the status simply said, “denied”. There was no reason given. I looked again at the “additional terms and conditions” stated on the rebate offer. My purchase was made on the Big O Tires Credit card as required. The purchase was made between 1/1/16 and 6/30/16 as required. I firmly believe the rebate offer is a tactic used to get people to spend a minimum amount of money at Big O Tires. Then the rebate can be denied.

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