So I get this reloadable debit card, thinking it’ll be easy to manage while on this new job. I call the bank to activate it, it says it’s activated. So I go to an atm to withdrawal money, and it declined. I called the bank, literally get put on hold 45mins. Finally talk to an agent, she says that they never received documents for my security. So I send them the documents. And 8hrs later,I get an email confirming they received it but I still couldn’t get my money, let alone actually have access to it. I call back again asking what the hold up is considering I had just received an email stating that they confirmed they got my documents. They claim they never received it. Then the next agent says “ok, I’ll go right ahead and make your account limitless” the next day, I can literally only go to a store to buy items, but can’t withdrawal money. They never even informed me that they cancelled my initial card that was coming in the Mail.

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Online order during Black Friday special pricing for Samsung 4K TV for $1899. Received email about problem with my order. They told me

auto Trans Tech Transmissions

auto Trans Tech Transmissions Owner: Jim Unauthorized use of my credit/debit card Colorado Spings Colorado!!. Beware of this company, they

They sent me a text and I did call them. The number to call and claim was 754-227-1122. The Code was CMP9. They said that I could only

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I was contacted through seeking a wedding photographer. The email came from a “Lynn Allen” but the person contacting

AAA Insurance Roadside Assistance

AAA Insurance Roadside Assistance, AAA Road Service, AAA Insurance Company, Auto Club Broke down on a road trip in New Mexico.. .My AAA

christopher watkins

christopher watkins he ripped me off in the name of roads and traffic authority Internet!!. I saw this report and knew that this bloke is