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I contacted Ackerman Tree Specialists to receive a quote to trim three trees in our backyard. Mike came out and be we discussed exactly what I wanted to have done. I explained to Mike that these trees were used as shade for our patio and also for privacy. Mike understood exactly what I was looking for and reviewed what would be done on each of the three trees. On the day the work was scheduled Mike arrived before the crew did. Once again we discussed each tree and determined what was to be done. When the crew arrived Mike reviewed our plans with the four men who were going to do the work. I asked Mike if he was going to stay while the work was being done and he said he had to leave but assured me the crew knew what to do. As the crew began to work I watched and it appeared that everything started off well. I went back in the house and when I came back outside to check on the men, one of them had removed half of the branches from the most important shade tree in the yard. | One of the other men was using a saw and as opposed to cutting the branches was just hacking at them as if he were using a hatchet. The bark on that tree is all torn in many spots. I yelled to the crew to stop what they were doing and to leave the back yard. I immediately called Mike and received a voicemail to leave a message. I continued to call until I received a call back from Paul who I found out was the owner. I asked him to get out here as quickly as possible and to bring Mike with him. Without even knowing how the work looked, Paul asked if I ever had a tree trimmed before. I told him I did not but that didn’t matter. At that point I didn’t want to hear his opinion as to how he felt a tree should be trimmed. I told him I was very specific about what I wanted to have done. Paul arrived about 30 minutes later without Mike. Paul contacted Mike on his cell phone and asked exactly what he explained to the crew. Mike said he told the crew to remove only one branch from the largest tree in the yard. What doesn’t the crew understand about the number one? There were seven major branches that were just cut off completely that should never have been touched. Paul realized that the crew obviously trimmed far too many branches from the tree. It was obvious there was a lack of communication and the crew did not understand what Mike explained to them. One of the men in the crew gave Paul some crazy reason why he had to trim half of the tree. It was then Paul offered me a discount. I honestly didn’t care about the discount because it was the tree that I was more concerned about. How do you replace the tree that was used for privacy and for shade that you planted over 30 years ago? Not only that, but the way the tree was trimmed makes it look terrible. It’s uneven, and just looks awful. Paul said he would call me the next day to discuss a resolution. The next day came and went and no phone calls. I checked my caller ID to see if I had missed the call but he obviously just did not call. I know I’ll never have the shade and privacy that I was looking for as you cannot replace a tree that size. I do have a resolution. It will never give me the shade and privacy we enjoyed, but at least it will make landscape look so much better. But if Paul never calls to discuss it I promise you I will continue to attempt to get in touch with him as long as it takes. I’d never suggest hiring this company to trim a tree or to perform any other service.

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