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I hired the Acocella Law Group in July to help me get a modification. I was in contact with them evvery step of the way. When i was asked to send some proof of income and bank statements to aid in the process , i did. I was also in contact with my bank. My bank kept telling me they did not receive any modification paperwork,, but when i called Joseph DiLeo about it, i was always told the same thing: the paperwork was submitted and that the mortgage companies lie. After 4 months , at a total of 3200 dollars, I received a modification offer. It was still a bit steep so i contacted Acocella to find out what to do. I was told i should just take the offer because its the best i will probably get. They made it seem like this was a result of their work. I had further questions so i called the mortgage company and found out they had NEVER received any modification paperwork in all that time! I called Joseph DiLeo and he said it wasnt true, so he made a call to the mortgage company and included me in it. They told him straight out that they had never received anything. We hung up, and he said he would look into it. I later received a call and though he still didnt take responsibility , he offered me three more months free for them to help me out. I did not take that deal because i no longer trusted them. I had to hire another attorney to try and get my money back. They only offered me 800 dollars. That is outrageous! They did nothing for me. I was even willing to let them keep 800 of my money just on the off chance that they actually put together paperwork. They still would not settle this. My mortgage company did finally get a package from them, but that was AFTER all this went down. This is ridiculous and i am going to call News12 and channel 4 to try and get this out there so everyone can see that this is not a good company to deal with! If i cant get satisfaction that way then i wil be going to court. I will not let them get away with this. I will be spreading this all over the internet too! IF you make a mistake or drop the ball take responsibility and refund the money you took!

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  1. Edward Bundrick
    June 16, 2020

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