Action Auto Sales Wendell NC

Action Auto Sales Wendell NC

Action Auto Sales Wendell NC Worlds biggest A**Holes Wendell North Carolina!!. I purchased a vehicle from this rinky dink establishment on Dec 31 2015. I should have know they were shaky when they didn’t ask for any documentation to purchase except my drivers license. All they wanted was the money. Considering that I needed the car immediately I was a little excited so I just disregarded they’re unprofessional tactics. 2days after purchasing the vehicle the engine light popped on. I called them to let them know and they reassured me that they would fix it within he next few days. I go to get the car checked out. All they did was a diagnostic. And said it was an evap hose and it wouldn’t cause any damage. However they aren’t able to fix it right away because they were busy getting cars ribeye he for tax season. ( forget the current customers right?) so finally after asking every week about getting the hose fixed they finally give me a date in April 2016. I take the car in April to get it fixed and mentioned some other issues I noticed with the car. They told me I had a bad battery which would be $70 and they said I needed a hose. Which was $100 but he would throw it in for free. Great! So I purchase the battery and come back 2 days later to get the hose replaced. I drop the car off only to come back to being charged for the hose. These people swore up and down that’s not what they told me and either I can pay for the hose or leave the car. ( mind u I had also just made a car payment when dropping the car off) these people talked to me like I was an idiot and told me i misunderstood. How could I have mis understood when u called the guy who told me free and told him to never use he word free with a customer. At that point you knew it was ur mistakes so why not own it and either compromise and say. “Hey our mistake we can add the $100 to ur bill since u are a reliable customer and u make ur payments” Not ” Hey lady nothing is free and either u can pay the $100 or leave. I get so disrespected. I wil never give these people another penny of my money. Not because I don’t have it but because they suck as businessmen. They prey on people who they feel need them or can’t go to somewhere else to get a car. Well I have news for them! Don’t ever buy a car from these crooks!

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